Transparency and Openness Policies of the Greek Government

“Cl@rity” Program: Every Government Decision on the Internet

Beginning October 1st  2010, all Ministries are obliged to upload their decisions on the Internet, through the «Cl@rity» program. Cl@rity is one of the major transparency initiatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Decentralization and e-Government. Henceforth, the decisions of the public entities can not be implemented if they are not uploaded on the Clarity websites, each document is digitally singed and assigned a transaction unique number automatically by the system.

Clarity will cover all public institutions, regulatory authorities and local government. The Clarity program introduces for the first time in Greece the obligation to publish all the decisions on the Internet, with the exception of decisions that contain sensitive personal data and/or information on national security. It is quite an innovative program, even by European standards, aiming first of all to bring about the maximum publicity of the government policy and administrative action. The use of Internet guarantees wide publicity and access to information, progressively contributing to a culture change in the whole of the Public Administration.

The full implementation of the Clarity program will contribute substantially to the creation of a more transparent relationship between the Citizen’s and the State. From the 1st of October 2010, citizens are able to fully exercise their constitutional rights, such as the right to be informed and to participate in the Information Society. At the same time, the compulsory uploading of all decisions by all institutions exercising public authority on the Internet leads to the reinforcement of responsibility and accountability.
In a simple and fast manner, the interested parties will be able to search for acts and decisions of the Ministries and other public institutions by using keywords and thematic meta-data, with which every act is registered, thanks to an easy-to-use search form, available either from the website of each entity issuing the act or from the central web site of the National Printing Office.

Open Government – Deliberation

Every piece of draft legislation or policy initiative is posted in the platform prior to their submission to parliament. Citizens and organizations can post their comments, suggestions and criticisms article-by-article. See the latest on-line deliberations here(in Greek).

Open Government – open calls for the recruitment of Political Appointments.

Top level and mid-level openings for political appointments in the public sector are published on the Internet. Applications are submitted on-line using a platform available on the website. See the latest Open Calls here (in Greek).